November’s Book of the Month: Dr. Yes by Bateman

Just say erm, ‘yes’ to Dr. Yes!

Bateman is back. Colin isn’t. The rebranding of the author means he only goes by his surname. Maybe the marketing bods thought ‘Colin’ just wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll enough. But his books surely are. For Bateman fans, Dr. Yes is the eagerly awaited addition to his Mystery Man series.

The blurb goes:

You don’t say no to Dr. Yes, the charismatic plastic surgeon on the fast track to fame and fortune. But when the wife of obscure and paranoid crime writer Augustine Wogan disappears shortly after entering his exclusive clinic, the Small Bookseller with No Name is persuaded to investigate. As fatherhood approaches, our intrepid hero is interested only in a quick buck and the chance to exploit a neglected writer, but he soon finds himself up to his neck in murder, make-up and madness – and face to face with the most gruesome serial killer since the last one.

“I’ve been a fan of Colin Bateman ever since his first crime novel, and he just seems to get better and better.” Ian Rankin

Bateman is one of the Telegraph’s: 50 Crime Novels to Read Before You Die.

Read Bateman’s recent Guardian blog here:

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