Case Histories in Historic Setting

If you’re in mourning for Jason Isaacs, the star of BBC1’s series Case Histories, which concluded this week, you’re in for a treat as author of the Jackson Brodie series Kate Atkinson makes a very special appearance at this year’s Festival. The York-born novelist will be appearing in an ‘evening with’ event in the beautiful setting of Fountain’s Abbey.

The TV show has triggered a tsunami of Brodie-mania as even the broadsheets have hailed Isaacs as a “national lust object”, up there with Colin Firth and Daniel Craig, thanks to his performance as soulful, damaged and yet buff private detective Jackson Brodie in BBC1’s Case Histories.

Isaacs said of Atkinson’s creation: “Women respond well to Jackson Brodie because he’s none of the things he appears to be. He seems to be a butch, hard-bitten detective. He’s a man with huge damage in his past. He’s sentimental, he can’t say no to cases he should run a mile from, he picks up lost girls… ”

Nothing to do with Isaac’s buffness then…

An Evening with Kate Atkinson, Friday July 15, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, 7.30pm. Tickets: £10 Unreserved.