Creative Thursday- Top Tips

For those that couldn’t make it along to this year’s Creative Thursday, we want you to share your tips from the day. What gems did you take away from the workshops and seminars? Has something helped you along your crime writing path? Let us and other aspiring writers out there know what you thought!

To kick it off, we asked 2011 programming chair Dreda Say Mitchell (pictured below) to give us a glimpse into this year’s Creative Thursday workshop session ‘Serial Characters’ and she kindly agreed to share with us the following ‘Top 3 Tips for Developing Characters’ in crime fiction.

  • What is the lead character’s dilemma or conflict? Most stories centre around the main character trying to solve a problem or crisis. What’s your character’s conflict?
  • Vulnerability: one way to make your character rounded is to explore their vulnerability. Do they have a personal conflcit, a major flaw?
  • Read, read, read: Go back and read a crime book that you really enjoyed. Ask yourself what you found engaging about the main character? What techniques does the author use to create a standout and memorable character?

One thought on “Creative Thursday- Top Tips

  1. Helen

    Don’t be shy. You have paid to learn from the experts. If you have any questions make sure that you ask them. If you have a terrible memory like me then make a list before you go. I hate speaking in front of people but I’m so glad that I did because who better to learn from than the great Stuart MAcbride, AlLan Guthrie and Dreda Say Mitchell. I took away some very valuable advice and tips.