Corvus Pick their Top 5 Must Reads

//Corvus Pick their Top 5 Must Reads

Corvus Pick their Top 5 Must Reads

With our ‘Best of 2011’ feature we ask publishers to reflect on the past year, hoping to give you the opportunity to find a new book or discover a new author. This week, Corvus bring you some of their top picks from the year so far.

THE HANGING SHED by Gordon Ferris

A star at Harrogate’s new blood panel this year alongside fellow Scottish crime writer and supporter Val McDermid – 2011 saw Gordon Ferris launched to great success through eBooks. Corvus published his book THE HANGING SHED as a kindle eBook on Christmas day 2010 which spurred a flood of rave readers reviews, creating an electronic word of mouth hit. By spring 2011 this series debut beat competition from the biggest crime writers to become a huge e number 1 and the biggest selling eBook of the first quarter of 2011 all before hardback publication in March 2011. THE HANGING SHED follows Douglas Brodie’s return to his home town of Kilmarnock outside Glasgow after serving in WWII – this street savy ex copper gives everything he’s got to save his condemned childhood friend from hanging in the gallows. 


Almost impossible though it is to pick a ‘best’ Box book when we’re publishing one every month in 2011 – BACK OF BEYOND was the book that took American crime writing master CJ Box to new levels in the UK with his first UK tour and two appearances at Harrogate in the summer. Wyoming Detective Cody Hoyt (who we met in THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE (2009)) pieces together the mysterious death of his AA sponsor only to find that the killer is making his way through the vasts of Yellowstone park on a remote trek – too far to reach by technology, Cody ventures in after the killer in a race to save the innocents also on the holiday trip – including his own estranged son.

THE GOOD SON by Michael Gruber

Shortlisted for the CWA Steel Dagger award 2011 – Gruber’s intelligent, challenging and thrilling novel of one man’s determination to save his mother from certain death by her political enemies, is definitely one of our most remarkable and original books of the year.


Corvus were delighted to publish the brand new number 11 book in Phil’s infamous Merrily Watkins series. Following single mother, parish priest and local exorcist (or deliverance consultant as the church would have you call it) Merrily, her daughter Jane and a town full of fascinating people on the welsh borders – crime and mysterious goings on propel this thrilling and engaging story.

66 NORTH by Michael Ridpath

In book II of Ridpath’s remarkable Fire and Ice series set in Iceland, we see Detective Magnus Johnson who was Iceland born but Boston raised, continue to get to grips with his home country which is in the middle of a financial meltdown that could turn very bloody indeed.


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  1. paul 18/11/2011 at 5:21 pm

    Great to see Phil Rickman getting a mention! This latest Merrily is well up to standard in this excellent series – read them all ( not to mention his earlier “stand-alone”(ish) previous novels. “Crybbe” (which gives some backstory on Gomer) is available on Kindle, but re-named as “Curfew”. Get reading!

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