New promotional offers hit Waterstone’s stores

Waterstone’s 3-for-2 offer is officially over (see our news post here for readers views on the end of the recognisable offer), with new promotional offers of 25% and 33% off selected titles, as well as money off promotions.

On its blog, entitled ‘Big news! 25% and 33% off new paperbacks is the new 3 for 2!’ the Waterstone’s Nottingham branch has today expressed: “Waterstone’s has changed. Our ‘3 for 2’ was famous. It’s what we were known for, it has been much copied. But from today, the biggest paperbacks will either be 25% off, or even 33% off. Saving you more money. Giving you more flexibility to purchase the book you want, and only the book you want. No need to look for that elusive third book for a friend, or just because its ‘free’, or just because ‘it will do’. The books you want, at a better price, you in control. We think you will love it.”

It appears the books discounted differ around the country from store-to-store, according to the reading tastes in different areas.

Have you seen the new offers in your local Waterstone’s? If so, what did you think of the discounted books available?

We want to hear your thoughts on the new offers and how they will affect your buying habits.