Harper Collins Hit List

Looking for some Christmas shopping inspiration? Then look no further than our exclusive feature ‘Publisher’s Picks!’ This week, Harper Collins pick a selection of their top crime reads of the past year.  Twelve top titles to get your teeth well and truly stuck into this Winter. 

Shatter the Bones by Stuart Macbride

The seventh in the bestselling Logan McRae series, set in gritty Aberdeen, laced with dark humour. Alison and Jenny McGregor – Aberdeen’s own mother-daughter singing sensation – are through to the semi-finals of TV smash-hit Britain’s Next Big Star.
But their reality-TV dream has turned into a real-life nightmare. A ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV, and the internet, telling the nation to dig deep if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive…

Prophecy  by S. J. Parris

An astrological phenomenon heralds the dawn of a new age and Queen Elizabeth’s throne is in peril. As Mary Stuart’s supporters scheme to usurp the rightful monarch, a young maid of honour is murdered, occult symbols carved into her flesh.The Queen’s spymaster, Francis Walsingham, calls on maverick agent Giordano Bruno to infiltrate the plotters and secure the evidence that will condemn them to death.

Trinity Six  by Charles Cumming

Europe is still littered with the darkest secrets of the Cold War. And the most deadly revelation of them all is about to be made…Hard-up Russia expert Dr Sam Gaddis finally has a lead for a book that could set his career back on track. He has staggering new information about an unknown sixth member of the infamous Cambridge spy ring – a man who has evaded detection for his entire life.

The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg

Worldwide bestseller Camilla Lackberg weaves together another brilliant contemporary psychological thriller with the chilling struggle of a young woman facing the darkest chapter of Europe’s past…Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover a Nazi medal among her late mother’s possessions. Haunted by a childhood of neglect, she resolves to dig deep into her family’s past and finally uncover the reasons why.

House of the Hanged by Mark Mills

An elegant and arresting tale of patriotism, passion and murder, unfolding on the French Riviera, from the number one bestselling author of ‘The Savage Garden’.

Sanctus by Simon Toyne

The certainties of the modern world are about to be blown apart by a three thousand year-old conspiracy nurtured by blood and lies …SANCTUS is an apocalyptic conspiracy thriller like no other – it re-sets the bar for excitement and fascination, and marks the debut of a major talent in Simon Toyne.

Killing Hour by Andrew Gross

A young man’s suicide. An elderly woman’s murder. A conspiracy stretching back decades. The jaw-dropping new novel from the author of hit thrillers ‘The Blue Zone’ and ‘Reckless’.

Micro by Michael Crichton

An instant classic in the vein of ‘Jurassic Park’, this boundary-pushing novel has all the hallmarks of Michael Crichton’s greatest adventures with its combination of pulse-pounding thrills, cutting-edge technology, and extraordinary research.

Three men are found dead in a locked second-floor office in Honolulu. There is no sign of struggle, though their bodies are covered in ultra-fine, razor-sharp cuts. With no evidence, the police dismiss it as a bizarre suicide pact. But the murder weapon is still in the room, almost invisible to the human eye…

Map of Time by Felix J. Palma

An epic, ambitious and page-turning mystery that will appeal to fans of ‘The Shadow of the Wind’. London, 1896. Andrew Harrington is young, wealthy and heartbroken. His lover Marie Kelly was murdered by Jack the Ripper and he longs to turn back the clock and save her….

City of Sins by Daniel Blake

New Orleans, Summer 2005: New FBI agent Franco Patrese is intrigued when the attractive PA to the city’s richest man requests a secret meeting. She has information regarding an unthinkable conspiracy, and will trust no-one else.
The next day she’s dead – the victim of a bizarre ritual murder – and Patrese finds himself drawn into the murkiest of underworlds, piecing together connections between the city’s seediest players and her top officials. And all the while, the city’s apocalypse looms. Her name is Katrina, and she’s taking aim…

Her Last Scream by J. A. Kerley

A serial-killer targets the country’s most vulnerable women in this new thriller featuring Detective Carson Ryder. Across the US, a secret network of crisis centres permanently relocates women in serious danger from domestic abuse. But now someone is killing them before they reach their destinations…

Hide Me by Ava McCarthy

Security expert Henrietta ‘Harry’ Martinez has arrived in beautiful San Sebastian, birthplace of her Spanish father. But she’s not here to explore her roots. She’s been hired by glamorous casino boss Riva Mills to expose a scamming crew, headed by ruthless conman Franco Chavez .When the crew’s expert hacker is brutally murdered, Harry goes undercover as his replacement.