Little, Brown’s New Year Ones To Watch

Little, Brown Book Group predicts a thrilling start to the New Year! Here they bring you their picks of the top crime/thrillers of 2012 to speed you through the long winter nights, and well into spring.

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She’s Never Coming Back by Hans Koppel

The Swedish Thriller Phenomenon is published for the first time in the UK this January.

This is the story that has obsessed readers across Scandinavia for the past year. She’s Never Coming Back is a thrilling, unforgettable page-turner that does not loosen its grip from the first page to the last.

‘The most terrifying crime novel I have ever read’  Lyssnarklubben magazineng

When Ylva, a loving mother and wife, fails to come home from work, her husband is not initially suspicious. But as time passes he becomes frantic with worry. And by the time he finally contacts the police, he is almost hysterical. Given the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance, he becomes the number one suspect.

But what no one knows is that she’s being held hostage in the cellar of the house opposite her own.

A camera is rigged against her own house and Ylva can only watch her family on the screen. They cannot see her – and they most certainly cannot hear her scream…

The Wreckage by Michael Robotham

Intelligent, thoughtful and gripping;  Robotham returns with a thrilling new masterpiece that will be loved by fans of Michael Connelly and John Le Carre. Set in the turbulent aftermath of the global financial crisis and the war in Iraq.

Journalist Luca Terracini is living outside the wire and investigating a series of deadly million-dollar bank robberies. But he’s about to make some powerful enemies who seek to bury secrets and manipulate the truth, regardless of the cost.

A thousand miles away, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz rescues a young woman, Holly Knight, from a violent boyfriend – but wakes next morning to find that she’s robbed him. It was an elaborate scam. Furious at himself, and at her, he sets off to find Holly.

Two seemingly unrelated stories collide in unexpected ways in this ambitious, compelling thriller that demonstrates why Linwood Barclay says ‘Michael Robotham doesn’t just make me scared for his characters…he makes my heart ache for them’.

‘A writer of the highest class who can create terror from the commonplace and crush the breath out of you’ – Daily Mail


The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino

‘The Japanese Stieg Larsson’ The Times

Get hooked on the Japanese thriller phenomenon – which has already sold over 2 million copies in Japan. This is a book with an ending you’ll never guess.

Yasuko lives a quiet life, a good mother to her only child. But when her ex-husband appears at her door without warning one evening, her comfortable world is shattered.

When Detective Kusanagi of the Tokyo Police tries to piece together the events of that night, he finds himself confronted by the most puzzling, mysterious circumstances he has ever investigated. Nothing quite makes sense…

One of the biggest-selling Japanese thrillers ever, and the inspiration for a cult film, The Devotion of Suspect X is now being discovered across the world. Its blend of page-turning story, evocative Tokyo setting and utterly surprising ending make it a must-read for anyone interested in international fiction.

The Retribution by Val McDermid

Val McDermid is on absolute top form with this Tony Hill thriller. Dark, psychological, thrilling and visceral – let McDermid and indeed Tony Hill, take you inside the mind of a serial killer like no other.

There is one serial killer who has shaped and defined police profiler Tony Hill’s life. One serial killer whose evil surpasses all others. One serial killer who has the power to chill him to the bone: Jacko Vance.

And now Jacko is back in Tony’s life. Even more twisted and cunning than ever before, he is focused on wreaking revenge on Tony – and DCI Carol Jordan – for the years he has spent in prison.

Tony doesn’t know when Jacko will strike, or where. All he knows is that Jacko will cause him to feel fear like he has never known before – and devastate his life in ways he cannot imagine…

‘Brilliant … sensational …unforgettable’ – Guardian


Good as Dead by Mark Billingham in March and The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz  in April 2012.