You’re Booked Presents Exclusive Content from Steven Dunne

Steven Dunne

Steven Dunne has written for fun since attending Kent University. After a brief and terrifying stint as a standup comic, he became a freelance journalist writing for The Times and the Independent. He is now a part-time teacher in Derby. He is the author of the highly acclaimed thrillers The Reaper and The Disciple.  His latest novel Deity, a British serial killer thriller, is set in and around Derby.

“A gripping serial killer story with an exceptional depth of humanity, ‘Deity’ delves into the darkest corners of human motivation. DI Damen Brook is one of the most memorable characters in recent British crime fiction. The city of Derby finally has a copper to match anything that Edinburgh or Oxford can produce! Dark and twisted, but DI Damen Brook has an intense emotional core”  – Stephen Booth on Deity

When four Derby College students are reported missing, few in Derby CID, least of all DI Damen Brook, pay much attention. But then a film on the internet is discovered purporting to show the students committing mass suicide. If it’s real, why did they kill themselves when they had such bright futures ahead of them? If the suicides are faked, why the set up and where are the students? And if they’re dead and have been murdered, who on earth could have planned such a bizarre and tragic end to their promising lives? Combining intricate forensics with meticulous detection and the warped psychology of a psychopath, DEITY is a serial killer thriller of the highest order.  Think the best of a police procedural novel mixed with a dash of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History.

In an exclusive for You’re Booked – Steven has penned an extra scene for Deity, a farewell note from his character missing college student Adele, which you can read right here…



Dear mum

By now you must realise what’s happened and that I’m never coming back. Don’t worry, don’t grieve for me. I go willingly. Please don’t live in denial, looking out of the kitchen window and expecting me to come walking up the path one day. It’s not going to happen because I’m where I want to be, where I need to be. Finally I feel I exist in a way I could never have existed in Derby. In a house. With a car. A husband. A family. The thought of living such a life has always been Death to me. That’s why I had to make a choice and take control.

Remember me in whatever way suits because everyone else will remember me differently. Young, Beautiful, Immortal. I hope so. But more than that, I want people to see that there is another way to live a life that doesn’t involve compromise and doesn’t require all your efforts be focused on acquiring material possessions that won’t make you happy.

Don’t blame Adam. He just did what came naturally. Like most men he followed where his penis pointed. Besides, I was the one using him, not the other way around.

Dad, I hope you can move on with your life. We both know that things haven’t been right between us for some time. I won’t go into details because it serves no purpose now. Besides, if the Police read my poems, they’ll work it out and confront you with it. Maybe then you’ll be able to face up to things and talk to mum to find a way forward. I hope that can happen but know it will be tough. But then what isn’t?

One last thing, dad, in case you don’t already know, which I suspect you do. There is no God. If there were, babies wouldn’t die of blood cancer and brutal dictators wouldn’t die of old age tucked under their silk sheets. Get used to it. Stop planning for the next life and start living this one. There are no replays. Goodbye.



Steven Dunne will appear live in York on 6 June and Hull on 12 June, as part of the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival’s brand new ‘Crime on Tour’ series of events. To find out full event information, and how to book, click here