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The new heart-racing standalone thriller from David Hosp, bestselling author of the Scott Finn series.

When a sacred relic goes missing, its importance is only the beginning . . .

When a CIA informant from Kandahar is gunned down in a suburban area of Virginia outside D.C., special Agent Jack Saunders is tasked with uncovering a plot that could alter the fate of Afghanistan and unsettle a tepid peace in the Middle East. But when a raid on a radical safe house goes horribly wrong, Jack finds himself without support within his own government.

Determined to find answers on his own, Jack enlists the aid of Cianna Phelan, a disgraced former war hero trying to put her life back together. When Cianna’s brother, Charlie, returns to South Boston from active duty in Afghanistan and immediately goes missing, Cianna and Jack find themselves in a race against time not only to save his life, but to prevent an international conspiracy at the highest levels of the US intelligence community. As lives are lost in the warrens of Boston’s clannish underworld, Jack and Cianna realize they are on the trail of one of the most sacred artefacts in all of Islam. And when the bullets start to fly, they realize they can never know whom to trust, and nothing is what it seems…

Praise for David Hosp

‘A master of the genre’ David Baldacci

‘Red-hot fiction rooted in stone-cold fact – a legal thriller to rival the best from Grisham or Turow’ Lee Child

‘It is the detail and subplots that make Hosp such a gripping writer. He creates real dilemmas for his characters and saves the most touching resolution to the very end…’ Daily Express

‘John Grisham plus Michael Connelly equals David Hosp’ Chris Kuzneski

‘This is a knock out; Grisham with passion, even a touch of the great Michael Connelly thrown in . . . It crackles from the first page to the last and never lets up for a second’ Daily Mail

‘Hosp is a born storyteller, a master of quirky character and detail who enthrals through the simple, but elusive, expedient of never seeming to write a dull sentence’ Daily Telegraph


David Hosp is a trial lawyer who spends a portion of his time working pro bono on behalf of wrongly convicted individuals. He finds time to write his novels on his daily commute by boat across Boston harbour. He lives with his wife and family in the city. His last novel, Next of Kin, was a Richard & Judy Autumn Book Club 2011 Selection.

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