Constable & Robinson’s 2012 & 2013 C&Rime Round Up

2012 has been a great year for Constable & Robinson’s crime imprint with the Queen of cosy crime M. C. Beaton celebrating 20 years of her bestselling Agatha Raisin series. 2012 also saw the launch of some dazzling debuts and the continuation of some un-put-down-able series’. Have a look at some of these success stories below. 2013 will see the launch of Constable & Robinson’s new crime imprint C&Rime and, to celebrate this, compiled below is their list of ‘Ones to Watch’ 2013….

The Best of C&Rime 2012…

Tom All Alone’s by Lynn Shepherd

During the year that saw the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth, Lynn Shepherd produced a re-imagining of Dickens’s Bleak House. A dark and gripping Victorian murder mystery, immersing the reader in a grim London underworld. A novel which garnered incredible reviews and an author who is going from strength to strength…

“A necessary eye for squalor, meticulous research and deft plotting, as well as the ability to handle the difficult God’s-eye-view narration with aplomb…you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy.” The Guardian

“It s a highly compelling, immaculately written 19th-century murder mystery.” Independent on Sunday

“A grisly period detective story with a light-hearted literary conceit” The Times

Hiss and Hers  by M.C. Beaton

In 2012 we celebrated 20 years of M.C. Beaton writing Agatha Raisin.

The 23rd and very latest Agatha Raisin mystery to delight her many fans.

Agatha has fallen in love – again. This time it’s the local gardener, George Marston, she has her eye on. But competition for his attention abounds. With her shameless determination Agatha will do anything to get her man – including footing the bill for a charity ball in town just for the chance to dance with him. But when George is a no-show Agatha goes looking for him – and finds he has been murdered, having been bitten by a poisonous snake and buried in a compost heap…

Never Apologise Never Explain by James Craig

Our hugely successful eBook bestselling series featuring Inspector Carlyle was another Kindle bestseller.

Carlyle is attempting too much and achieving too little and he’s upsetting all the wrong people – this time it could be terminal…

Jake Haggar has been kidnapped by his father who is threatening to sell the boy to a paedophile ring. Carlyle is struggling to get him back. It’s not his case but it is his problem – it was his fault Jake was taken in the first place…

Tooth for a Tooth by T.F. Muir

In 2012 we launched this new Scottish crime fiction writer T. F. Muir who has written the first contemporary crime series set in the Scottish town of St. Andrews.

What secrets from the past was he about to uncover?

When a woman’s skeleton is discovered in a shallow grave DCI Andy Gilchrist is tasked with finding her murderer. When dental records from an extracted tooth force Gilchrist to confront the unthinkable – that his brother was her killer – he keeps his fears to himself, only to be suspended on suspicion of destroying evidence.

But Gilchrist battles on in his quest for answers. Who was the woman? Why was she murdered? And was the fatal hit and run really an accident?

The Calling by Alison Bruce

The third novel in the DC Goodhew series, following on from Cambridge Blue and The Siren, from the rising star Alison Bruce.

‘Menacing and insidious, this is a great novel.’ R J Ellory

Kaye Whiting went to buy a birthday present and didn’t come back. She isn’t dead, or physically injured. But she is alone and very, very scared.

Fifty miles away in Cambridge town centre a deeply disturbed young woman is standing by a payphone. She knows she often feels compelled to do harmful things and is driven by a desire to make a call.

DC Gary Goodhew is one of the detectives assigned to find Kaye and when her body is discovered the only clue to the potential murderer is a woman’s voice on his answerphone saying, ‘Kaye isn’t the first and won’t be the last…’

2013 C&Rime to Watch…

The Poacher’s Son by Paul Doiron (due Jan 2013)

Doiron has already enjoyed huge success State-side and was the winner of the Barry Award and the Strand Critics Award for Best First Novel. He was nominated for the Anthony Award, the Macavity Award, the Thriller Award, the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and was nominated for the Maine Literary Award for Best Fiction of 2010.

Set in the wilds of Maine, this is an explosive tale of an estranged son thrust into the hunt for a murderous fugitive—his own father. The Poacher’s Son is a sterling debut of literary suspense. Definitely our one to watch…

G M Malliet

Starting in July 2013 C&Rime will be launching three books by Agatha Award-winning author G. M. Malliet.  The critically acclaimed series set in the fictional rural country village of Nether Monkslip begins with Wicked Autumn…

Having spent almost three years in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip, Max Tudor is well acclimated to his post as vicar at the church of St. Edwold’s.  This quaint town seems to be the perfect new home for Max, who has fled a harrowing past serving in the British counter-intelligence agency, the MI5. But this serenity is quickly shattered…

Single White Female by John Lutz

In April 2013 we will be releasing New York Times bestselling author John Lutz’s classic psychological thriller Single White Female, the book that inspired the classic, hit film of the same name.

After a messy break-up, Allie Jones finds herself living alone in New York City apartment, no one to share her bed with–and more urgently, no one to share her rent. The solution seems clear: she needs a roomate. And Hedra Carlson seems perfect–she’s shy, quiet…safe.

Blink of an Eye by Cath Staincliffe (due April 2013)

One of our continuing success stories is Cath Staincliffe and next year sees the release of another beautifully written novel about those human ethical dilemmas that could affect any one of us…

In a heartbeat, life changes.

A sunny, Sunday afternoon, a family barbecue, and Naomi Baxter and her boyfriend Alex celebrate good news.  Driving home, Naomi’s recklessness causes a fatal accident, leaving nine-year-old Lily Vasey dead, Naomi fighting for her life, Alex bruised and bloody and the lives of three families torn apart.

Traumatised, Naomi has no clear memory of the crash and her mother Carmel is forced to break the shocking truth of the child’s death to her.  Naomi may well be prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving.  If convicted she will face a jail term of up to 14 years, especially if her sister’s claim that Naomi was drink-driving is proven.  In the months before the trial, Carmel strives to help a haunted and remorseful Naomi cope with the consequences of her actions.

Blink of an Eye is a novel about the nightmare that could be just around the next bend for any one of us.

Generation Loss and Available Dark by Elizabeth Hand (due June 2013)

We are delighted to be publishing award-winning author Elizabeth Hand next year. She has won multiple Nebula and World Fantasy Awards, the James Tiptree Jr. Award, the Mythopoeic Society Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and multiple International Horror Guild Awards.  Hers is a hugely unique voice and Generation Loss is a genre-bending thriller.

Patricia Highsmith meets Patti Smith in this mesmerizing literary thriller.

Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble by M. C. Beaton.

Although it seems a long way off, we will be releasing the first Christmas Agatha novella ever for Christmas 2013.

The bossy, vain and irresistible Agatha is back in a brand new festive novella!

Agatha is spending Christmas at home in the Cotswolds. Christmas jollity soon turns to disaster as Agatha accidentally kills one of her guests with a gruesome homemade Christmas pudding… so will it be Christmas in the cells for Agatha? Or can she fix an escape out of this particular festive mess!