Discover some top reads with Faber & Faber

This week’s ‘Publisher’s Picks’ feature comes from the lovely people at Faber & Faber, who take you on a speedy journey through their ‘Best Of’ list for 2012, and ‘Ones To Watch’ in 2013! You can have your say on the chosen books by leaving your comments below the feature. Maybe you’ve read one of these? In which case let us know what you thought in our Reader Reviews section.

“In 2012, Faber’s crime and thriller list went pretty global. We’ve scooted around Europe for debut US author Chris Pavone’s best-selling The Expats, travelled to Uganda with Stav Sherez’s A Dark Redemption and from the Stalin’s Russia with Sam Eastland’s The Red Moth to a sweltering Baghdad in Andrew Martin’s The Baghdad Railway Club. We went on the run from a hitman in Alabama in John Gordon Sinclair’s thrilling debut Seventy Times Seven, have been on our own manhunt in Germany with Peter Leonard’s Voices of the Dead and encountered a pretty tricky convicted killer in Thomas Enger’s best-selling Norwegian crime novel Pierced.

And if you think it might be safer to stay at home don’t be fooled: stately Derbyshire was the setting for a mysterious murder in the much loved PD James’s hugely successful Death Comes to Pemberley, we also spent a nightmarish holiday in Portmeirion with Alfred Hitchcock and Josephine Tey in Nicola Upson’s Fear in the Sunlight. We crashed into trouble on the Isle of Man in Chris Ewan’s Safe House and quite literally hit a problem in Edinburgh in Doug Johnstone’s Hit and Run. It seems nowhere is safe.  In fact, it’s probably safest to stay at home and read a good book!

Faber’s Crime & Thriller list for Spring 2013 starts with a surviving Nazi waking up in a hospital in 1970s Bahamas, as Peter Leonard gets straight back into his usual break-neck stride with the whip-smart Back From the Dead. It’s followed in February by our major debut of the season, Derek B. Miller’s Norwegian by Night, about an 82 year old ex-Marine, who goes on the run with a young Balkan boy, in an attempt to make up for the mistakes of his life. An absolute humdinger of a novel, with an ending to die for, this is one for fans of everything from Gran Torino to the Scandi- Crime boom of recent years.

March sees the return of Inspector Pekala – as Russia is invaded in 1941, and paranoia and fear are rife, Stalin calls for him once more, for his most dangerous mission yet. In a striking new look, The Red Moth is the strongest of Sam Eastland’s acclaimed series to date. Doug Johnstone’s Gone Again is a memorable psychological thriller about a father and son, and the effect on them when their wife and mother goes missing in contemporary Edinburgh. Disquieting and hugely emotional, it’s a great follow up to his #1 Kindle bestseller, Hit & Run.

In April we publish Death of a Showgirl, as Tobias Jones’ detective Castagnetti is hired to investigate the disappearance of a young girl at the height of the bunga bunga years of Berlusconi’s Italy. Atmospheric and taut, it’s a terrific novel.

May sees the return of Stav Sherez’s  detective duo, Carrigan and Miller, in Eleven Days, as they investigate the death of ten nuns in a fire in West London. But why, in a closed convent, is there an eleventh body? It’s as deliciously creepy and tense, as you’d expect from Sherez.

We’re then absolutely thrilled to be publishing the New York Times bestseller Laura Lippman for the first time on the Faber list, with her fantastic And When She Was Good, the story of a suburban madam, and single mother, whose carefully constructed and controlled life comes under threat.

Finally, June sees return of Alan Glynn (Limitless) with the final part of his extraordinary trilogy (Winterland, Bloodland) about modern day corruption in the global village. Opening in Manhattan as three senior bankers are shot, Graveland is a bravura performance from a writer whose take on the modern world, with all its conspiracies and cover-ups, is unflinchingly brilliant.

So, with novels ranging from the West Indies to Scandinavia, war time Russia to modern day Edinburgh, Italy to West London and Baltimore to Manhattan, there’s a lot to be excited about in Spring ’13!”