Publisher’s Picks- Headline

On the hunt for the best in crime fiction for 2013? The people at Headline Publishing Group have picked their not to be missed titles for the coming year…

Leah Woodburn Associate Publisher

Tarnished Julia Crouch (March)

Julia Crouch writes psychological suspense of the very best kind, and her new novel, Tarnished, is her darkest and juiciest yet. It’s the story of a young woman orphaned at a young age and raised by her grandmother and bed-ridden aunt, who finally decides to confront the skeletons in the family closet – without realising the full horror of what she will uncover. It’s a story rammed with slow-burn creepiness and shocking twists and turns, and the result is both deliciously unsettling and ridiculously enjoyable. I can guarantee that it will get under your skin.”

Vicki Mellor Deputy Publishing Director

A Killing in the Hills Julia Keller (March)

“I love this book! Julia Keller’s writing is absolutely astonishing – beautiful and insightful are two words that immediately spring to mind – and she is never less than enthralling as she introduces us to the community around which the story is based. As seen through the eyes of our wonderful heroine, Bell Elkins, the poverty that runs rampant through West Virginia, and how it affects the drug-addicted characters of Acker’s Gap, is startling to behold. Julia’s an incredibly talented writer and this is intense, involving, intelligent crime fiction at its very best. Julia deserves every accolade that comes her way.”


Ali Hope Senior Commissioning Editor

The Lost Claire McGowan (April)

The Lost is the start of a compelling new series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire who returns to her small hometown in Northern Ireland to help investigate the disappearance of two teenage girls. It’s a story as much about the past as the present and the changes that have happened in Northern Ireland over the last decade, but above all it’s a nail biting thriller that will leave you guessing right to the very end.”

The Unquiet Grave Steven Dunne (July)

Deity by Steven Dunne was one of the outstanding crime novels of 2012 and took DI Damen Brook into new and darker territory. His next book, The Unquiet Grave, promises to be just as gripping as Brook takes on a cold case and investigates a series of murders that started in 1963. As he digs deeper he discovers the case is far from cold and that a date is fast approaching when the killer is certain to strike again… I can’t wait to see where he takes DI Brook next.”



Claire Baldwin Associate Publisher

What Lies Within Tom Vowler (April)
“This tightly spun, atmospheric and powerful psychological suspense left such a strong impression on me when I first read it. Set around the haunting beauty of Dartmoor, the two narratives – a mother coping with her difficult teenage son, and a young idealistic teacher who believes she can ‘make a difference’ – run parallel with skilfully controlled precision. As the hard-hitting, thought-provoking story is unveiled, the tension builds to a devastating denouement, playing with the reader’s perceptions and shattering everything you thought you believed about nature, nurture and the true meaning of family. Tom Vowler is a talented debut author I am so excited to be launching in 2013.”

Seven for a Secret Lyndsay Faye (August) 

“I didn’t think Lyndsay Faye could top her stunning and highly acclaimed Gods of Gotham, but after finishing her new novel, I eat my words. It’s amazing! Leading us back to the lives of copper star Timothy and his brother Valentine, New York’s gloriously gritty underbelly once again comes to life: a melting pot of cultures both adapting and fighting for a place in the new world, with many falling victim to the clash. The worst menace on the streets are the blackbirders; slave catchers who make a tidy sum from their human trade. A cracking mystery with brilliantly observed characters, Seven For A Secret is also a fascinating portrait of the slave trade in New York and the people who fought to abolish it. This vibrant, multi-layered, treat of a novel is really not to be missed.”

Flora Rees Senior Editor

The Paris Winter Imogen Robertson (April)

“Have you ever pictured Paris’ dazzling Belle Epoque, and wondered what dangerous secrets might have been hidden beneath this city of light? Imogen Robertson has, and in her brand new thriller set in 1909, she tells a dark, deep opulent story of deception and revenge, not to mention opium addiction, diamonds, impoverished artists and the catastrophic Great Flood of Paris. I was transported straight into this glittering, treacherous city where the flood waters are slowly rising – and no one is quite who they appear to be – and I loved it.”

Imogen Taylor Publishing Director

Precious Thing Colette McBeth (August)

“Just how well do you know your best friend? Rachel and Clara met in their teens, when Rachel was dumpy and always at the back of the class, and Clara was the new girl, a delicious breath of fresh air. They set out to share everything yet now, in their twenties, Rachel is successful, happy and sorted in her life as a television journalist, and Clara is scatty, floundering and emotionally unstable. And she’s gone missing…

Menacing, suspenseful and utterly compelling this is a stunning debut , written with penetrating psychological insight, that throws the spotlight on female friendship, on the fine line between love and hate, and leaves you wondering just who you trust.”

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