The Cutting Room by Jilliane Hoffman

It’s been ten years since the serial killer known as Cupid terrorized the city of Miami. Ten years since William Bantling was sentenced to die for the vicious murders of eleven women. Ten years since Miami prosecutor C.J. Townsend finally achieved retribution for the heinous crime that was committed against her.

Now a new killer stalks the city, and a new prosecutor is charged with ensuring that justice is served for a pretty University student who was brutally tortured and murdered. When a video surfaces of another woman being tortured on camera, Miami homicide detective Manny Alvarez and Assistant State Attorney Daria DiBianchi are forced to consider the terrifying possibility that there may not just be more victims at large, but more killers…

As the past forces itself back upon the present, Manny realizes that justice may require the assistance of Bantling. But it will come at a heavy price: Cupid wants his freedom. With her entire career hanging in the balance, Daria must decide if it is better to free a vicious murderer to catch more murderers, or let him be put to death and be responsible for the future deaths of countless others.

Either way, someone’s going to die.

Many years ago, I was also a young prosecutor confronting a brutal rapist in a courtroom. I spent close to ten years in Miami law enforcement investigating and prosecuting rapists, robbers, child molesters, drug traffickers, wife beaters, and murderers before I decided to step back and pursue a career in thriller writing. There are cases that have remained with me over the years. There are crimes that, no matter how many years you’ve been around the system, still manage to shock you with their senselessness and brutality. These are the ones that have inspired my books.

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