Room 101 with Kate Rhodes


Kate Rhodes,writer of recently published The Winter Foundlings tells You’re Booked her three Crime Writing pet hates!



1             Death by fire

This one’s a very personal pet hate. I think all of us have one type of death we fear the most, and for me it’s conflagration. Push me under a train, drown me in the North Sea or chuck me off the Eiffel Tower and that will be fine, but flames are another matter. Fires worried me so much as a kid that they often featured in my nightmares, so I steer clear of books about arsonists, even though the novelist in me can see it’s a wonderfully dramatic subject.

2              Animal cruelty

I try to avoid books which involve creatures taking the pain for human mistakes. Odd really, given that I put human beings through all sorts of pain and suffering in my Alice Quentin series. Those books which featured crazed ex-lovers shooting their love object’s dog/cat/rabbit are unlikely to appear on my shelves.

3              The foreign guy did it

It always feels like a cop out to me. The trope gets used again and again: a foreigner walks into a cozy community and gets a warm welcome, and at first he seems to fit right in, then lo and behold! He’s the killer. The stories that interest me most are the ones where the killer is horrifyingly familiar, he’s the nice guy who looks a bit like your uncle, the one who’s lived next door to you for years.