Room 101 by Andrew Taylor

My pet crime-writing hates are:

1. The British maverick police officer, who usually has one or more of the following features:

a) a problem with alcohol

b) a taste for music that strangely replicates his creator’s

c) a tangled personal life, usually involving divorce, traumatised children, etc.

d) a loveable quirk or two to show he’s really human, just like us

e) a long-running antagonistic relationship with his bosses

f) a remarkable ability to recuperate from physical damage, including hangovers, which deserves inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records

h) the knack of attracting beautiful members of the opposite sex, who frankly should know better.

2. Long winded passages of explanation, during which an author desperately tries to apply sticking plaster and gaffer tape to the gaping holes in his/her plot.

3. Testosterone-heavy protagonists with a sense of humour by-pass.

andrewtaylorcolourminiby Andrew Taylor, an award-winning crime and historical novelist. His novels include the number-one bestseller The American Boy and the Roth Trilogy, televised as Fallen Angel.