Reader Reviews: Liars

Liars is set in a village named Marston and that’s all we really are told. The reader comes face to face with the past, alcoholism, abuse, mental health, misunderstanding, low self esteem, secrets, misinterpretations, guilt, the use/impact of social media, jealousy, manipulation and the truth.

Well OMFG what an addictive and mesmerising story! Told from multiple POV’s and unreliable narratives, you just have no clue who is telling the truth and what the real story is until BOOM! …everything unravels before you and you have to pick your jaw up off the floor …well I did anyway! The pace starts off slow, dripping with suspense and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first but something niggled at me that I just had to keep turning the pages. There is a real depth to this story, and each layer is revealed as you read on. I liked how we start off in the present and end up jumping to the past as the reader is delivered this intricate storyline.

Absolutely brilliant!

There are various complex and compelling characters that move the plot forward but I am going to share my thoughts on the main three: Jenny (or Jay); Freddie and David. What a fascinating triangle of twisted craziness with this lot!

Jenny (also known as Jay on her blog) comes across initially as a worrier and very concerned at how others perceive her. Training to be a counsellor while caring for her alcoholic mom who has had a stroke we see many insecurities crop up. Online she seems to be a different person and I was completely unsure what I felt about Jenny or Jay as her character left me conflicted.

Freddie is Jenny’s BFF. He comes across as quite needy but would also do anything for Jenny. A bit of a softy but very protective I wondered a lot of the time if his jealousy made him look at things too deeply or if he was hiding secrets of his own….

David…hmmm…I didn’t particularly like him at all. I actually thought he was a bit of a weirdo but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Then at times I thought I was being too harsh as he didn’t appear to have the greatest experiences in life himself. The thing with all the characters in the novel is, you just don’t know what to believe or trust..and I absolutely LOVED that!

If you like your psychological thrillers to really mess with your mind, then you will really enjoy Liars because when all was revealed I was left gobsmacked thinking WTAF!? There was an intensity to this story that well and truly had me reading cover to cover. Would I recommend this book – you bet your sweet arse I would! It is deliciously devious, twisted and grabs you by the cahonies before kicking you to the curb! I can’t wait to see what is next from Frances Vick’s clearly unscrupulous mind! Woohoo!

By Noelle Holten