Reader Reviews: Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes

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Reader Reviews: Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes

Rural life is anything but tranquil for Ben Kitto as he returns home to avoid making a decision.

This book shows the interwoven relationships of a small island with only 72 inhabitants, but who were responsible for breaking Ben’s attempt at finding peace on the island where he grew up. Ben knows everybody, which makes his case harder for him to fathom, because who can he trust?

This book shows a new style to me given that I have not yet tried Ann Cleeves’ Shetland series. This side of the genre is much slower in pace, but is well done by Kate, especially the interwoven ‘B’ story, which keeps the tale moving along. Having not read any of Kate’s books before I was pleased to discover how much I liked her style and I wonder what else I will discover from the Theakstons Crime what happened next panel?

By Alex Hawley (Hawley Reviews)