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Incredible Journeys by David Barrie

Sam Crich, Associate Solicitor at Berwins Solicitors, reads Incredible Journeys by David Barrie ahead of Berwins Salon North: Inner Workings on 23 January 2020. Read on to hear his thoughts!

Incredible Journeys takes the reader along the course of various developments throughout history noting the various, and often seemingly mad, scientists (some of the experiments are so random and obscure they could easily have come from a Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett novel) who have contributed to the current state of knowledge on how it is exactly that the creatures of this planet can navigate reliably.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in science, nature, animals, waves, magnetism, sailing or just anyone a bit nerdy in general (like me).

What is particularly refreshing about this book is the way in which the Author throws out random snippets of knowledge here and there to accompany (whether relevant or not) the “Journey” he takes the reader in discovering the wonders of animal navigation. That, in particular, reminded me of the similar approach taken in the “Discworld” series based on just how random and strange some of these experiments are. Ants on stilts, triangular cardboard mountains and painting the eyes of insects are just a few of the weird and wonderful experiments extolled in this tome of science.

I wonder what golden nuggets of knowledge the Author was not able to include in this book, and I laud his attempt to fit in what must be the most interesting and outrageous of the lot, I would honestly love to hear more and I suspect there is an anthology of these waiting in the rafters.

Given the incredible developments that have only relatively recently been discovered in this field, I eagerly await the sequel, as it is clear that we are still only just setting out on our own journey to understand the wondrous secrets of our animalia kin with whom we share this planet.

If you are in a constant state of preparation for the next pub quiz, or you just enjoy a good brain-feed, this is the book for you. Would, and will, read again.