Saturday 23 July
Old Swan Hotel | Harrogate | 2pm


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Homicide figures in South Africa are akin to a country at war. Carjacks, organised criminal groups and armed robberies, make it one of the most violent societies on Earth.

Paul Mendelson, author of vivid atmospheric Cape Town thrillers including The Serpentine Road joins former journalist Deon Meyer who writes in his native tongue of Afrikaans, and is translated into 28 languages.

Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip are the writing team behind the Michael Stanley books. Both retired professors, both born in South Africa, both loving real life adventure, which triggered the idea for Detective Kubu, Botswana CID’s keenest mind. Leye Adenle author of Easy Motion Tourist also appears.

The calming presence of Chair, NJ Cooper helps navigate the heart of South Africa’s darkness.

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