Friday 30 June
St Wilfrid’s Church | Harrogate | 8pm

Please note this event has now taken place.

Christopher Monks | Director
Penelope Spencer | Leader
Karin Björk | Violin II
Gabriel Amherst | Cello
Andrew Durban | Double Bass
Gawain Glenton | Cornetto I
Connor Hastings | Cornetto II
Phil Dale, Tom Lees | Sackbut
Adrian France | Bass Sackbut
Ryaan Ahmed | Theorbo
Freddie James | Organ

Gussie Hebbert
Penny Appleyard
Elizabeth Adams

Polly Jeffries
Joe Bolger

Graham Neal
Peter Davoren
Guy Simcock

Angus McPhee
Francis Brett

Celebrating the 450th Anniversary of the composer’s birth, the acclaimed vocal ensemble Armonico Consort perform Monteverdi’s Vespers, a breathtaking musical kaleidoscope by candlelight at the beautifully atmospheric St Wilfrid’s Church. The piece is a dazzling demonstration of the great Italian composer’s genius.

This Baroque masterpiece was widely considered to be one of the most ground-breaking works of its time and to this day is enjoyed by audiences across the globe. Packed full of astounding melodies, harmonies and rhythms, to not only survive over 400 years but remain so popular is a testament to the music and its brilliance.

Director of Armonico, Christopher Monks speaks about how hearing this astounding piece of music changed his life…

“The Vespers of 1610 was the work that turned my musical life upside-down when I first heard and studied it at the age of 16. It was the performance with Sir John Eliot Gardiner and the Monteverdi Choir from the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, which completely blew me away.

All that I thought of as important before then was thrown out of the window, as I was immersed into this world of extraordinary colour from instruments I had never heard of, and the most daring vocal acrobatics ever written for tenors, even to this day, to the concept of having performers literally anywhere in the building!”  – Christopher Monks, Armonico Consort