Thursday 24 May | The Crown Hotel | 7.30pm

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Berwins Salon North is a revolutionary movement for the heart and mind; consisting of a night of the most stimulating ideas in art, science and psychology designed to change your life for the better. Join three expert speakers for three inspiring TED-style talks on the theme of ‘Future’, the final event in our ‘Past, Present, Future’ series, interspersed with intervals allowing time to visit the bar for refreshments and enjoy lively discussion on the topics of the evening. Expect the remarkable!

Are our minds actually flat? Is our mental depth is an illusion? Leading UK Behavioural Economist Prof Nick Chater from Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick has evidence to suggest it might be.  Nick is at Berwins Salon North to explain his decades of research in to the decisions we make revealing we often make our made up in the moment based on our past experiences rather than anything more noble.  Shocking? Yes – but these results can be liberating – giving us the power to imagine our own future, and to make it real.

Ever wondered when buying those can’t live without purchases that will make your future brighter and happier where exactly your hard earned cash goes?  Former Sky News broadcaster and financial expert Dharshini David has charted the path of our dollars through the opaque global markets once out of our pockets, and in doing so links us to China’s central bank, Nigerian railroads and even the oil fields of Iraq.

Life is the most extraordinary phenomenon in the known universe; but how does it work? Even in this age of cloning and synthetic biology, the remarkable truth remains: life remains the only way to make life. Johnjoe McFadden – author of Life on the Edge: the Coming Age of Quantum Biology is the professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey and he’ll be at Berwins Salon North to ask if we’re missing a vital ingredient in our understanding of creation as we look to the future our biology.

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