27th – 29th September
Valley Gardens & Harlow Hill
Part of Harrogate Welcomes The World celebrations for the UCI.

Harrogate Welcomes The World with the UCI World Cycling Championships in September.

As part of the celebrations Harrogate International Festivals has created a series of lighting installations that celebrate the heritage and history of the town, working with a number of designers and creators and commissioned by Harrogate Borough Council.

The lighting installation programme is in two parts:

  • A lit sculpture is being installed in the Valley Gardens celebrating the many wells of unique quality and character. Artists are Eddie Roberts from Cult-Ore and James Bawn from Element 3 Design and steel from Harrogate Steel.
  • A series of lighting installations to be activated over the last w/e of the UCI from the 27-29 September. We are lighting the 36 wells within the Valley Gardens as a 3D installation in addition to the Harlow Hill tower. A celebration of Harrogate’s spa history on which our architecture, reputation, concert halls and hotels were built. Lighting will be in situ from 1800-0000 each night.

Harrogate is built on water.

Our architecture, our reputation, our concert halls and hotels were all built around water that was ‘cellared in the ice age’.

36 of these iconic springs are found in Bogs Field and for one weekend each of the 36 wells will be animated by a beacon of light shining directly into the night sky creating a dynamic and 3- dimensional aerial map. Fusing our spa history with the latest lighting technology through lighting installations designed by the artist James Bawn.

Whilst over 100 wells are set within Harrogate, Bogs Field in the Valley Gardens is the source of 36 unique mineral springs. A natural wonder of the world, where a greater number of unique mineral springs come to the surface than at any other known place on earth. The waters are Magmatic or Plutonic in origin, and never existed as rain, flowing deep beneath the earth for 20,000 years before surfacing through vertical shafts in the strata.

The installation will celebrate the wells, and the surrounding landscape in addition to the iconic water tower on Harlow Hill.

For further history on the mineral springs in Harrogate please click here.


Harrogate International Festivals has been commissioned produce these installations celebrating the heritage of Harrogate fusing history with an innovative lighting programme to support the UCI Road World Cycling Championship. The funding to deliver this event is from the Leeds City Region Business Rates Pool and has been allotted specifically to support cultural activities whilst the global spotlight is on the region.