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Circadian Rhythms with Russell Foster

8th April 2020 | 7.30pm | Live Stream

Streamed Live For HIF’s Berwins Salon North

Please join us on the live stream HERE at 7.30pm. 

As part of Berwins Salon North’s digital series The Professor of Circadian Neuroscience and the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Oxford University, Russell Foster will be in conversation with ALSO’s Helen Bagnall and revealing what we now understand of the nature of circadian rhythms before we open up to your questions.

Our biological clocks give order to all living things. They impose a structure that enables us to change our behaviour in relation to the time of day, month or year. They are reset at sunrise and sunset each day to link astronomical time with an organism’s internal time.

But how can organisms “know” the time? And today, as many of us work inside with increasing changes in behaviour and routines, what impact does this have?