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Martina Cole Interview

Find out more about Martina Cole in our interview.

Author’s Bookshelf by Claire Kendal

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? I’m going to start with a confession. I have four bookcases, all in my study, but they are so messy I can’t bear to let

Authors Bookshelf by Nick Quantrill

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? I’m maybe a bit strange in that I give most of my books away to charity shops once I’ve read them. It’s mainly a practical

Authors Bookshelf by Jason Dean

Where’s your bookcase located? I’ve got two fairly large wooden bookcases propping up the living room wall, and as you’ll see from the photo they’re already dangerously close to overflowing. And while it would be

Authors Bookshelf by Howard Linskey

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? I have an office at the top of the house, which contains a tall, dark brown bookcase near my desk (‘Shelfie’ photo below). It’s there

Authors Bookshelf by Elly Griffiths

 My bookcase is in the sitting room of my house in Saltdean, just outside Brighton. There are bookcases in every room but I’m especially fond of this one because it was built for us by

Authors Bookshelf by Sabine Durrant

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? This bookcase takes up one wall and both alcoves of our front room. There are over-spills in other parts of the house, but this is

Author’s Bookself by Michael Robotham

What author have you discovered and loved recently? Emily St John Mandel is my recent discovery. I read one of her earlier novels The Singer’s Gun, a thriller about a man who cannot escape his

Author’s Bookshelf by Malcolm Pryce

My bookshelf is in Bang Kwang Central prison Bangkok. I don’t actually keep books, although I know this will probably surprise many people. In my early thirties I set off on a trip round the

Authors Bookshelf by Cath Staincliffe

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? There are four of them, rescued from skips or bodged together from spare wood and fitted in the alcoves in my work room. The one

Authors Bookshelf by Frances McNeil

I’m jealous of people with antique bookcases and extensive shelving. As well as four shelves in my study, inconveniently placed by the sloping roof, my bookcases are four large IKEA Billy jobs, plus four small

Authors Bookshelf by Martin Edwards

Books overflow throughout the house. The challenge of finding space for them all intensified as I tracked down old novels while researching The Golden Age of Murder. A loft conversion was my first solution, and

Authors Bookshelf (or Shelves!) by Christopher Fowler

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like?
 I live in a mainly glass apartment so my bookshelves are located away from the light. They’re built around steel skeletons that mean you don’t

Authors Bookcase by Kate Rhodes

This bookshelf is one of many in my small, crowded house in Cambridge. I seem unable to pass an Oxfam shop without sneaking inside to hunt for literary bargains. Luckily my husband Dave is a

You’re Booked speaks to Simon Kernick

Harrogate has its fair share of human misery, crime and heck, occasional violence: it can get ugly watching beige-clad pensioners battle for a window seat at Bettys. So asking Simon Kernick what his mum thinks

An Interview with Michael Morley

You’ve dubbed Spree a ‘Digital Dickens’, can you explain the concept? I am a big believer that authors have to innovate, especially ones that don't automatically get the shelf space and marketing spend that say

Web Exclusive- Chris Ewan speaks to You’re Booked

Why did you choose to set Safe House on the Isle of Man? Ah, well I live there, so it was a lot cheaper to research than the other books I’ve written that are all

Web Exclusive – An Introduction to C&R Crime

You're Booked speaks to C&R Crime editorial director Krystyna Green How long have you been looking after the crime list at Constable & Robinson? I’ve been editorial director of the Constable & Robinson crime list

Web Exclusive- You’re Booked Speaks to Antonio Hill

Recently we caught up with Spanish crime writer Antonio Hill to find out what it is like working with a translator, why he decided to write about Voodoo in Barcelona and creating his detective Hector

Stuart Neville’s Bookshelf

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? We moved to an old Edwardian house about six months ago and were able to dedicate one room to books, though it’s also a playroom