Let’s get specific

How can I help and what does it cost?

Your support is critical to our efforts: reaching our goals depends on your contributions.

Every gift at every level will play an important part in helping us to achieve our ambition to create a secure future for the Festivals dramatically increasing the cultural opportunities for Harrogate and the wider region.

Donations are vitally important to us and as a donor you may wish to specify where you would like your money to be put to work.
The following examples give an idea of the kind of gift we’re looking for – and what your donation can do.

“It’s absolutely beautiful! A beacon of cultural awareness. Keep it going”
Audience Member

£2,000 would fund 2 young people in our Festival Assistant programme, ensuring students from all backgrounds can afford to gain arts experience over the Festival season.

£5,000 would provide 6 months of Musical Mums sessions, free to access, weekly singing sessions for teen mums and their babies.

All levels will contribute towards ensuring our activities are accessible, allowing performances and access to artists to be freely available for Under 18s.

£10,000 would allow us to run our Global Villages programme creating access to the arts for young people in rural areas for 1 year.

£2,000 creates a platform for a Young Musician to perform at the Festivals, £10,000 would create a season of young musicians.

£8,000 would support the Reader in Residence post for 2 years, working with communities and young people least engaged in literacy development.

£45,000 would contribute towards programming a world-class international orchestra to Harrogate.

£50,000 would support the 2 year appointment of a full-time fundraiser to create a sustainable income streams for the Festivals.

£100,000 would support the development and increase the activities of our Outreach Programmes developing arts delivery for those with least access.

£250,000 would support an annual three year programme of Spiegeltent and Children’s Festival delivery.

£500,000 would create a vital income stream to support core costs in perpetuity.