Harrogate Music Festival’s Family Concert featuring the Harrogate Symphony Orchestra is being held at the Royal Hall on 23 July and this very special concert is a celebration of the Festivals’ 2017 theme, “Generations”.

Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, boasting an orchestra of 90 musicians, will perform an animal-themed concert featuring music from Carnival of the Animals, the rousing Finale of the William Tell Overture, famed as the Lone Ranger soundtrack, and much-loved music from Pink Panther to the soundtrack of Angry Birds.

HSO conductor, Bryan Western, promises an experience unlike any other: “We plan plenty of audience participation! It’s going to be enormous fun when we do the theme from Ghostbusters – Who you gonna call? Expect singing, clapping and the most amazing atmosphere.”

Bryan has taught music for over 40 years in the district, beginning his own love affair with music aged nine. Harrogate Symphony Orchestra is one of the few groups in the north that specifically cater to children.

Bryan said: “My main objective is to involve children in music making. Music is unlike anything else. You can’t really put it on a par with any other art form. It ticks so many boxes around childhood development. We all know about the Mozart effect and how it can stimulate brain activity and emotional development, but the problem is the government don’t think it’s important, and the worrying factor is so many schools aren’t doing music; it’s no longer part of the national curriculum, it’s a real concern.”

The Family Concert is one of many events which have been catered to families and young people during the flagship Harrogate Music Festival, which has been running since 30th June. The Festival will culminate in a spectacular Finale concert featuring the world famous bass-baritone Sir Bryn Terfel.

Brian O’ Regan, Music Festivals Manager, said: “We’re really excited about this Family Concert, because it’s a great opportunity for young people to experience the sound of a full symphony orchestra in a fun and exciting way. The selection of music for this concert is really wonderful. Everything from Debussy, to The Pink Panther to the theme music from Angry Birds!

Bryan Western added: “This is an opportunity to get children hooked on music. You never know until you’re there, what effect it has on a child.”

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