We are excited to announce that Jamie Bartlett – Director for the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media – will be returning to speak at Berwins Salon North for the event What Matters Most? on Thursday 24 January!

Jamie Bartlett is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on politics and technology. He led the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos for 10 years until December 2018. He is also author of The People Vs Tech (2018) about the relationship between technology and democracy, Radicals (2017) about political outsiders and best-selling The Dark Net (2014) about internet subcultures, which has been translated into 13 languages. Jamie also co-authored #intelligence with Sir David Omand, which explores the use of internet intelligence by the security services and the police. His Ted Talk about how dark net technology is changing the nature of cybercrime has been viewed almost 3 million times.

His areas of expertise range from social media monitoring and analytics (including in elections) internet culture and ‘the dark net’, crypto-currencies, surveillance technology, machine learning, automated sentiment analysis, big data, cyber privacy and law, and social media research ethics. He is also a technology blogger for the Spectator and regularly writes about how the internet is changing politics and society, including for The Sunday Times, the Guardian, Foreign Policy, and The Telegraph. He recently presented a major BBC2 documentary series ‘The Secrets of Silicon Valley’ about technology disruption to economies and politics.

Jamie joins the incredible line-up as follows as Harrogate International Festivals asks – What Matters Most? 

We all know good friends matter, but did we realise quite how much?  Author and journalist Kate Leaver’s book The Friendship Cure – is a rousing, thought-provoking manifesto for reconnecting with your actual friends – and there are incredible reasons to do as she says. Kate’s research explains and documents exactly how much your health, happiness and even sanity could depend on your relationships with your friends. What a great excuse to bring your mates along.

Mark Miodownik MBE
will make the surprising case for liquids being one of the things that matter most. The NYT Bestselling author of Stuff Matters, former Head of the Materials Research Group at King’s College London and Faraday Prize winning materials scientist believes a proper grasp of materials science – particularly liquid – might be in all our interests. In fact it might even help us avoid a global human catastrophe, and who are we to argue with a man who Bill Gates described as a ‘great talent.’ Mark is at Berwins Salon North to present his research in to liquids, or as he describes them The Delightful and Dangerous Substances That Flow Through Our Lives.

Berwins Salon North: What Matters Most, Thursday 24 January | 7.30pm, The Crown Hotel | Harrogate. Book Online: harrogateinternationalfestivals.com Box Office: 01423 562 303.