Winner of the Leeds International Piano Competition in 2015, Anna Tsybuleva is a pianist of remarkable talent, energy and sensitivity. The Ukrainian-born Tsybuleva, who triumphed in the hard-fought final with Brahms’s 2nd Piano Concerto, will perform Bach, Brahms, Shostakovich, and Debussy’s intoxicating Preludes, which she also performed at the Leeds Competition.

If you could play only one composer from now on, which would it be?

I can’t choose only one composer, as they all are like a family for me.

One pianist, dead or alive, you’d travel long and far to hear?

Vladimir Horowitz.

If you weren’t a pianist, what would you be?

Looking around I am very glad that I am a musician and pianist. I don’t know what other profession could give me such possibilities to explore and express myself.

One person you’d love to play for (dead or alive)?

Brahms. Maybe not even to play, just to talk a little bit…

One composer you’re not quite ready to tackle?


What other kinds of music do you like listening to?

I spend my time listening to classical music all day long, no matter whether I play it, somebody plays or music sounds just in my head. And if I have some time without music around me, I love to listen to the silence, just to let my ears rest and recover.


Anna Tsybuleva will be performing on Wednesday 26 July, 7.30pm at Wesley Chapel.