Natural Goodness At Berwins Salon North

It is a good word, natural, and one that is frequently used in marketing, so much so, that for many of us, natural now equals better: natural food, natural fibres, and natural ingredients. But could it be, suggests Alan Levinovitz – an American professor of religion who is set to beam in for Berwins Salon North this March – that there is more to goodness that nature?

Presenting the evidence for and against ‘natural’ things versus ‘unnatural’ things, this Salon asks you to consider if natural is always best. From natural healing, natural birth, and lifestyle brands to manmade fibres, and performance-enhancing drugs for athletes, Alan’s work is full of fascinating observations, facts and stories that will make you think again about topics you thought you had already made up your mind about.

Joining Alan, and host Helen Bagnall, for Berwins Salon North on Thursday 25th March with be, Gaia Vince explore the epic sweep of human progress through culture in: Transcendence: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time, and historian Hallie Rubenhold, who seeks to set the record straight and reclaim the stories of the victims in: The 5: The Women Killed by Jack The Ripper.