The seismic impact of World War One changed the destinies of generations.

Joshua Ellicott, the ‘magnificent tenor’ who has performed all over the globe, presents a deeply personal concert that tells the true story of his great uncle, Jack Ellicott, a Volunteer in the Great War.

Devised by Joshua Ellicott and pianist Simon Lepper, this hour-long piece consisting of music and dramatic readings of letters takes us into Jack’s world.  We make his acquaintance as he begins his training as a 19 year-old volunteer, and lose him as a friend on the Somme in August 1916.

At times funny, surprising or deeply moving, the ordinary unsophisticated ups and downs of a young soldier are revealed.  His letters home aren’t considered accounts by generals or poets but an honest everyday revealing portrait.

The accompanying music is in some way directly connected to the First World War, including Claude Debussy, John Ireland and Frank Bridge.

The truly unique aspect of this work is the direct link between Joshua and his Great Uncle Jack.  They no doubt share their Lancashire accent handed down through the intervening generations and through anecdote it is known that Jack was also a fine singer. This tribute speaks for the many thousands of soldiers like him – for the ‘Everyman’ of that Great War. This piece is for everyone.


From Your Ever Loving Son Jack, Thursday 27 July, 7.30pm, Wesley Chapel.

For more information or to book tickets please click here or call 01423 562303.