Conversations with Paul McCartney by Paul Du Noyer

by Pauline Sellers


To say I am a ‘Macca’ fan would be a huge understatement.  When I was 15 years old, a teacher found me outside crying, only for me to announce amongst the sobs “He was supposed to marry me!!!!”  That was in 1969 when he married for the first time.

This is just a small indication of what an impact Sir Paul McCartney has had world-wide.  He has in the region of 250 songs to his credit and certainly changed popular music as we knew it in the sixties.  It all started because when the Beatles were billed to perform, the bands appearing before them were doing the songs that were in the Beatles’ set.  These were all covers of other peoples’ songs.  So the only way to be different was to sit down and write their own.

This book is a great insight into Paul McCartney’s influences for some of those success stories.  Paul Du Noyer was clearly in the right place at the right time, moving in the same circles as the Fab Four.   He has forged a friendship over many years of conversations with the superstar.  You can take a chapter at a time and each one is a different topic and timeline.

It may not have been obvious to an onlooker, but the author picks up on the fact that, in the Beatles, Paul adopted the role of peace keeper, motivator and marketing manager.  He says that John Lennon would easily become bored if a collaboration didn’t happen almost in the blink of an eye and it was Paul who would chivvy John along to keep going.  Consequently, we were able to enjoy the massive hits that were the results of that motivation.

Paul thought it would all be finished and over by the age of about 25, how wrong could he have been?  He only went along with it so he didn’t have to find a job.  Despite all those thousands of performances and appearances, he says he still gets nervous but as Sammy Davis Junior told him “The day the nerves go, man, you might as well give up”.  He absolutely loves making music and is still doing so with no indication that he will stop.

In this book, Paul comes across as a very pragmatic individual, almost humbling.   The book covers the early years, musical influences, other collaborations, those not-so-successful hits and his recent work.  His personal life is not omitted either, particularly the love of his life – Linda.  Having read this book, I think I have finally forgiven her for marrying the person who was dubbed the most eligible bachelor in the sixties.

Pauline Sellers Pauline Sellers is a Legal Secretary at Raworths LLP.

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