In his debut novel Keith Stuart takes us on a father’s journey to understanding and connecting with his autistic son.  This is an uplifting and honest story based on Keith’s own experiences of life with his autistic son.

After separating from his wife and later losing his job, Alex, who has still not come to terms with a childhood tragedy, starts to spend more time with his son, Sam, and begins to realise what is really important.  Sam has autism and Alex doesn’t know how to reach him or understand him.

Sam is eight years old and struggles with the chaos and uncertainty of everyday life. The book demonstrates these struggles through amusing and heart-warming situations. Alex doesn’t know how to communicate with Sam and is scared he will cause Sam to have a meltdown.

It is only through the online game Minecraft that Alex and Sam start to understand each other and connect. In the virtual reality of Minecraft Sam can build his own world where he is in control. Sam and Alex also go on adventures together in Minecraft, and Alex uses these experiences to help Sam understand and cope with everyday life.

Through his developing relationship with his son, Alex starts to repair broken relationships, deal with the past and discovers the direction for his future.

This book draws you in as a reader and takes you on Alex’s journey in an honest and amusing way. As a reader you develop a strong connection to Alex and Sam and want to keep on reading to find out how it all turns out. I really enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading more books by Keith Stuart in the future.

I would definitely recommend putting this book on your summer reading list if you haven’t already!

Katie Watts boy blocks

By Katie Watts, a Solicitor at Raworths, specialising in Trusts Wills and Estates. 

Keith Stuart is appearing In Conversation with Jem Lester at the Raworths Harrogate Literature Festival on Saturday 21st October at 10.30am. Find out more about the event.