“Stop the Clocks” is a wry, yet tender, reflection on Joan’s life that has been full to the brim and a gentle reflection on growing old.

The book is like a kaleidoscope collection of her thoughts, ideas and personal insights on the past and the present interlinked with humour and poignancy.

I felt that the book, often thoughtful and reflective, was reminiscent of the chats that I remember having with my own grandparents.

Joan is able to reflect on how it was then and bring it bang up to date.  She has never shied away from expressing her views on controversial topics and this book, you won’t be disappointed to know, is no different.

There is a resounding question of what will be left when we are gone. What will we leave behind? Both in terms of those that we love and love us in return and in our treasured belongings, she refers to as her “Stuff”.

I really did enjoy this very easy to read reflection on the passage of time, how a society changes us and how, in turn, we leave our impressions upon those to whom we are closest.

Carmelita Ardren Partner

By Carmelita Ardren Partner and Head of Family Unit.

Joan Bakewell is appearing at Raworths Harrogate Literature Festival on Thursday 19th October at 5pm. Find out more and book now.