Ahead of the January Berwins Salon North event ‘What Matters Most’, Paul Berwin – Senior Partner and Head of Digital at Berwins – gives us his thoughts on Bartlett’s new book…

“Jamie Bartlett returns to Berwins Salon North with his book The People vs. Tech to consider – following an earlier visit to discuss its predecessor Radicals.

Jamie’s deep knowledge of ideas and radical individuals – especially as they impact the “mainstream”  – will continue to fascinate,  becoming ever more relevant as we see the rise of tech giants, and challenges from domestic and foreign “bad actors”. Jamie was talking to Cambridge Analytica long before they became a byword for suspect use of personal data for political purposes.

The rise of tech is, to some, a new utopia; but it could also be dystopia. Jamie’s explores the threats, the brakes there might be to halt or ameliorate the threats, and  in an outbreak of optimism – which is a hope more than an expectation – proposes some actions. His thinking has already prompted government and parliamentary discussion, if not action. The People vs. Tech and Berwins Salon North allow us to be part of the conversation.”

Berwins Salon North: What Matters Most, Thursday 24 January | 7.30pm, The Crown Hotel | Harrogate. Book Online: harrogateinternationalfestivals.com Box Office: 01423 562 303.