Court Number One: The Old Bailey Trials that Defined Modern Britain

Please note, this event has now taken place.

Sat 19 Oct | 2pm
The Crown Hotel, Harrogate

Order! Order in the court!

Thomas Grant QC is a practising barrister and the Sunday Times bestselling author of Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories. As a professional barrister, who was made a QC in 2013, Thomas had to balance his commercial chancery workload with putting his first book together; a biography of Jeremy Hutchinson QC, an anti-hero and renegade that made him a perfect candidate.

Both educational and astonishing, Court One: The Old Bailey & The Criminal Trials That Made Modern Britain, tells the story of the venue of some of the most sensational human dramas ever to be played out in a criminal trial; tracing the evolving attitudes of Britain, the decline of a society built on deference and discretion, the tensions brought by a more permissive society and the rise of trial by mass media… it would be criminal to miss it.

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