Thursday 28 February | 7.30pm
The Crown Hotel | Harrogate

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Drink, Think and Be Inspired…

Berwins Salon North is a revolutionary movement for the heart and mind; consisting of a night of the most stimulating ideas in art, science and psychology designed to change your life for the better. Join three expert speakers for three inspiring TED-style talks. Interspersed with intervals allowing time to visit the bar for refreshments and enjoy lively discussion on the topics of the evening. Expect the remarkable with these bold ideas and theories on just what it is that makes you YOU!

Neuroscience – The Gendered Brain

The twenty-first century world is one which seems determined to magnify ‘essential’ differences between men and women’s brains, from (or even before) the moment of birth. This comes via toys, clothes, books, through schools, the workplace and the influence of social media. But where do these supposed differences come from and how ‘essential’ are they? In her new book The Gendered Brain (published on the day of her appearance in Harrogate) Professor Gina Rippon shows how we arrived at the idea of an inferior, female brain and how cutting-edge breakthroughs in neuroscience can liberate us from this outdated understanding of what our brains can do. Rippon shows us the reality behind much of the data that is used to justify the gender gap and explains how major breakthroughs in neuroscience will help us dispel these stereotypes know as ‘neurotrash’!

Psychology – What’s Your Type?

The strange history of personality testing is a fascinating one! We will be delving into the interesting lives of the mother-daughter team who amazingly- with no formal training in psychology –  invented the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. In her new book – A Spectator Book of the Year no less – Dr Merve Emre explains how the test insinuated itself into our boardrooms, classrooms, and beyond, to become the most popular personality test in the world, now harnessed by Fortune 100 companies, universities, hospitals, churches and the military. Its language – of extraversion vs. introversion, thinking vs. feeling – has inspired online dating platforms and Buzzfeed quizzes alike. How did the Myers-Briggs insinuate itself into our jobs, our relationships, our internet and our lives and what does it mean?  

Evolution – 15 Myths That Explain Our World

We no longer think, like the ancient Chinese did, that the world was hatched from an egg, or, like the Maori, that it came from the tearing-apart of a love embrace. The Greeks told of a tempestuous Hera and a cunning Zeus, but we now use genes and natural selection to explain fear and desire, and physics to demystify the workings of the universe. Science is an astounding achievement, but are we really any wiser than the ancients? In Evolutions, Oren Harman brings to life the latest scientific thinking on the birth of the universe and the solar system, the journey from a single cell all the way to our human minds. Reawakening our sense of wonder and terror at the world around us and within us, Harman uses modern science to create new and original mythologies to explain our place in the world.

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