Gung-Ho Action Hero

  • Friday 23rd July, 10:30am
  • Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate
  • Tickets: £13
  • Please note that all bookings are subject to a £1.75 transaction fee.

Is James Bond’s time up in a Me-Too world? Has Jack overReached himself in a cancel culture society? Times have never been tougher for action heroes and heroines. Four accomplished practitioners of kick-ass will peacefully discuss the changing landscape.

Simon Kernick is the master of the grab-you-by-the-throat thriller and his latest, Kill A Stranger, features a deadly dilemma. Steph Broadribb’s bounty hunter Lori Anderson pulls no punches in her latest white-knuckle ride, Deep Dark Night. Former investigative journalist Holly Watt put years of frontline experience into her award-winning creation, Casey Benedict, who returns in The Hunt and the Kill. A.A. Dhand goes full throttle thriller in his new standalone The Blood Divide which races from Bradford to Delhi to the Pakistan border.