Bee Part Of It

Dress up and join in with our fabulous Bee Lady: whether you’re 2 of 102, alone or in a group we’d love to have you. Dressing up can be anything from yellow and black clothing or bee face paint or it might just give you the opportunity to wear the bee costume from your fancy dress box. Let us know if you’d like to join our colony of bees by emailing us here. 

Flag Wavers

We are looking for people from across the Harrogate District to take part and help bring the parade to life as flag wavers (think of this as the Olympic torch of the Carnival). This will be done in groups and you don’t have to be an expert flag waver, just enthusiastic and excited to be part of the parade. Let us know if you’d like to be a flag waver by emailing us here.


The Carnival celebrations kick off with an opening parade in Harrogate town centre featuring ensembles, music and street performers from around the world.  Would you like to take part in the parade?

Then an afternoon of world music, dance, food, workshops, carnival and walkabout street theatre and more across Valley Gardens throughout the day.

We are looking for local artists and community groups to get involved – there any many ways that you could.  If you have an idea of how you could get involved or like to join the parade to show off your skills then get in touch here.