Who is performing at Carnival on Sunday 30 July?

Global Music Stage

Afriquoi will perform at Harrogate Carnival

Afriquoi are an underground sensation, bringing an uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics. The masterful 5-piece live show combines Gambian kora, Congolese guitar and Mandinka percussion styles with electronic music drawing on house, garage, disco, soul and jungle to create something entirely unique.

Fernando Brazil will perform at Harrogate Carnival

Latin party and Zumba sensation Fernando Brazil brings a salsa session to the Music stage. Step into the world of vibrant rhythms and infectious melodies, feel the passion, move to the beat, and unleash your inner dancer!

Leeds West Indian Carnival will perform at Harrogate Carnival

The Leeds West Indian Carnival is one of the longest running West Indian carnivals in Europe, having been going since 1967.  The perfect blend of jaw-dropping costumes and infectious rhythms, this celebration of Caribbean culture will energize and inspire.

Ubunye will perform at Carnival

This vibrant group of Zulu performers combined with seasoned musicians from the UK mix ancient tradition with contemporary flare. Ubunye deliver a soulful, goose bump inducing performance of original pieces cleverly fused with South African songs. It is a fantastic multi-cultural experience.

DJ Trev is coming to Carnival

Trevor “DJ Trev” Broadbank is a veteran of the Harrogate club scene.  From dance nights at Jimmy’s, Bar Med and Carringtons to rock and metal nights at Cardinal Sins and the Viper Rooms, he’s played at all the iconic Harrogate nights over the last 25 years and we’re thrilled to welcome him to Carnival!

Punjabi Roots will play at Carnival

New to Harrogate Carnival, Bradford based dance company Punjabi Roots will bring an Indian flavour to pop classics. Look out for them in the Parade and they’ll be doing a Dhol drum workshop too!

Global Dance Stage

Annapurna Indian Dance will perform at Carnival

Annapurna Indian Dance explore the rich artistic and cultural heritage of India through performances of graceful and rhythmic Indian dances.

Houriat belly dancers will perform at Harrogate Carnival

The Houriat Belly Dancing troupe perform bellydance and traditional middle eastern dance. Expect a graceful, empowering and charismatic performance to vibrant middle eastern rhythms.

AnonyMas will perform at Harrogate Carnival

With jaw-dropping costumes and high energy dance, Anonymas Dance will get the crowd moving! Look out for their workshop in the Valley Gardens too.

St Aelred's Irish Dancers will perform at Harrogate Carnival

St Aelred’s Irish Dance Group are based in Harrogate but perform world wide. They love giving back to the community and we’re thrilled to welcome them back to Carnival!

Street Theatre

Close Act will perform at Harrogate Carnival

Close-Act is renowned for interactive street theatre. Their unique form of theatre is performed in, between and above the public, and originates from a collaboration between designers, actors, dancers, choreographers and musicians.

Bread and Butter will perform at Harrogate Carnival

The Bread and Butter Theatre company is one of the UK’s leading street theatre companies, innovating and performing at events all over the world, improvising and interacting with members of the public to create an organic, accessible and personal piece of street theatre.

Chinese Dragon Dancers will perform at Harrogate Carnival

Unleash the power and allure of ancient Chinese traditions with our Chinese Dragon Dancers as they bring the mythical creature to life in the Carnival street parade.

Tom Tricks Magician is performing at Harrogate Carnival

Tom Tricks Magician: Tom is a Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Largest Balloon Costume. Fueling kids’ imagination, creativity and laughter, Tom brings the Fun!

A giant lobster takeover at Harrogate Carnival

Lobster a la cart: A giant lobster take over! As evolutionists predicted, the new master of the planet has risen from the seas. A surreal and endearing walkabout with huge impact for parades, carnivals, and outdoor spaces, riding in a cart pulled by a charismatic character; the inflatable lobster is a sight to behold.

Handmade Parade will perform at Harrogate Carnival

Celebrating creativity and bringing together communities, Handmade Parade have been empowering others to make art together since our first parade in Hebden Bridge in 2008. We can’t wait to see them in Harrogate!


Gaby Naptali Arts will be at Harrogate Carnival

Gaby Naptali Arts: Gaby is a ceramic sculptor, mosaic artist and passionate environmentalist who draws on nature as a constant and never-ending source of inspiration.

Pentagon Arts with Scott Walker will be at Carnival

Pentagon Arts with Scott Walker: The Pentagon is a stunning freestanding installation, swathed in attention-grabbing, hand-drawn designs that are just begging for some colour. Children and adults alike are drawn to this exciting artistic adventure, its creative scope is bounded only in the imagination of passers-by – who can’t resist joining in.

Look out for dance with AnonyMas, dhol drumming workshops with Punjabi Roots, Hulahooping and Carnival Crafts too!