Special Guest: John Connolly

  • Saturday 23rd July 2022 | 5.00pm
  • The Live Event Tent | The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate
  • Tickets: £16.00
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No one combines crime fiction, the gothic and the supernatural quite like John Connolly. He is the master of his trade, a scalpel in one hand and a bludgeon in the other, writing beautiful prose and brutal people. As well as several blistering standalones, Connolly’s much-loved Charlie Parker series now runs to 19 novels, each more terrifying than the one before.

His latest, The Nameless Ones, has a breathless international chase at its centre, starting with three butchered bodies arranged around the crucified remains of a fourth.

John Connolly will be interviewed by author and critic Mark Lawson.

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