Claire’s fabulous reclaimed library shelves

Author Claire McGowan was born in 1981 in a small Irish village where the most exciting thing that ever happened was some cows getting loose on the road. She is the author of several bestselling psychological thrillers including What You Did and The Fall, and the acclaimed Paula Maguire crime series. Claire also writes women’s fiction under the name Eva Woods.

Join us as we take a sneak peek at Claire’s bookshelf:


Hi Claire, where’s your bookcase located, and what does it look like?

I have several all through the house, but my favourites are some old reclaimed library shelves, with numbers chiseled into them.

You write stunning psychological thrillers, but putting your own books to the side for a moment, is your bookcase heavily weighed in crime fiction?

Definitely – the crime writing world is so friendly that you end up knowing a lot of other writers, and of course you want to read their work then. I also am building up a good collection of Agatha Christies, as I still love reading those. I find it quite easy to forget whodunnit, as there are so many!

What author have you discovered and loved recently?

This year I have been reading a lot of non-fiction, partly for research. I really enjoyed Say Nothing, by Patrick Radden Keefe, and everything by Olivia Laing who is brilliant.

Where is your favourite place to read?

I’ve always been a reader-in-bed – always at night and sometimes in the morning too.

What does the pleasure of reading mean to you?

I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t read – it’s how I escape, and unwind, and learn about the world.

What’s your most treasured book on your bookcase and why?

I have illustrated a copy of A Little Princess which my great aunt, who I was very close to, gave me for my seventh birthday, I do treasure that! And my much-read copy of my favourite book, The Secret History.

Can you tell us what new projects you’re working on now?

I’ve just finished my next thriller, which is called I Know You and deals with miscarriages of justice, and some nasty long-ago murders coming back to haunt the present day. I’ve also just recorded a radio drama for Radio 4, to be broadcast in January.

Author, Claire McGowan

Claire’s brand new book: The Push

The Push is your eleventh book, and your third fantastic novel under the Thomas and Mercer banner. Do you have a favourite of the books you’ve written and if so, why?

I am pretty please with how The Push turned out – it was complex to write and has many love-to-hate them characters, especially Monica!

In The Push we meet a group of six couples from the same baby group and follow them as secrets and conflicts spill out. Looking back to your childhood, did books, reading and writing play an important part in your life?

It was a huge part of my life – we didn’t get many TV channels where I grew up (rural Northern Ireland in the 80s) and for a long time had no cinema in town either. Books were my main entertainment, although they were also a lot harder to get in those pre-kindle days.

Thanks, Claire! 

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Praise for Claire McGowan:

“A brilliant, breathless thriller that kept me guessing to the last shocking page…”Erin Kelly

“Funny and perfectly paced . . . chills to the bone”Daily Telegraph

“Hitting the rare sweet spot between a satisfying read and a real page turner, this brilliantly written book deserves to fly high” – Cass Green