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Ideas for children

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite activities and resources from across the internet, and hope that these help you on your home educating journey.

Q&A with Marion Brunet

The author of our March Book of the Month tells all...

Telling Good Stories with HIF

Are you a natural storyteller?

Spotlight on HIF: Mini-Libraries

Spotlight on HIF: Mini-Libraries If you're a Harrogate native or a regular visitor, you might have been lucky enough to spot one of our bright blue mini community libraries dotted around town. The mini

Love is in the Air: Books About Love

Love is in the Air: Books About Love  ♥♥♥ It's that time of year again - the Hallmark cards, the meal-for-two restaurant deals, the Love Island recouplings around the fire pit, the smug Instagram

Books to Help You Love Reading Again

Books to Help You Love Reading Again Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to read more? After losing weight and getting fit, it's one of the most common resolutions, but just like

What do Libraries mean to you?

Find out what libraries mean to some of our Festival Favourites...

Q&A With Sergio Olguin

Author of our Book of the Month, Sergio Olguin, chats to us about his sources of inspiration, his writing style, and much more.. 1 How would you describe your writing style to someone who’s never

Q&A With Lucy Foley

An Interview With Lucy Foley We were so excited to have you at the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival this year! What’s your favourite thing about the festival? For me it’s the wonderful

Sarah Hilary’s Top Ten Strange Tastes in Fiction

Sarah Hilary's Top Ten Strange Tastes in Fiction It’s a special kind of alchemy when a writer lets you taste the words on the page — not black ink on white wood pulp, but the

Mr Todd’s Reckoning Q&A

Mr Todd's Reckoning Q&A What is your writing process? What does your typical day, when writing, look like? I’m a full-time writer and work 9 to 4-ish during the week in an attic room

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberley McCreight – a review

Reader Review Reconstructing Ameliay by Kimberley Mccreight I downloaded this on a whim whilst in a pub trying to avoid football, and it certainly beat watching sport. Reconstructing Amelia is Kimberley McCreights debut novel. The

Ten Minutes With Tony Kent

TEN MINUTES WITH TONY KENT What are you up to?At the moment I’m trying to figure out the answer to the question I’m most often asked: how do you find the time to do

Interview with Mark Brandi

I write full-time, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the chair from dawn to dusk...

James Oswald’s Room 101

Author James Oswald takes us through what he'd like to put in his Room 101. I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of Room 101. Specifically, the ‘things I hate’ aspect of it. Saying, ‘Don’t

Interview With Alan Parks

Interview With Alan Parks What is your writing process? What does your typical day, when writing, look like? Usually I try and start just after breakfast and try and do a couple of hours.

James Oswalds Bookshelf

James Oswald's Bookshelf Join us on an exclusive You’re Booked tour of James Oswald’s bookshelf, author of COLD AS THE GRAVE! Featuring a very special feline guest… Where’s your bookcase located and what does

Catherine Ryan Howard: Author’s Bookshelf

Where’s your bookcase located and what does it look like? Ever since I moved to Dublin four years ago I’ve lived in a TINY shoebox, so my bookcase is really a collection of places I’ve

Interview: Catherine Ryan Howard

You're Booked speaks to Catherine Ryan Howard, author of The Liar's Girl... What is your writing process? What does your typical day, when writing, look like? I am a terrible procrastinator – or, rather, a

Interview with Guy Bolton

THE SYNDICATE opens with the ‘hero’ of The Pictures, ex LAPD cop and studio fixer Jonathan Craine, living out in rural California with his son. Craine has left his old life behind him but it