Berwins Salon North | Game Changers

  • Thursday 11 April 2024 | 7.30pm
  • The Crown Hotel | Harrogate
  • Tickets: £18 (Please note that a £2.50 booking fee applies at time of booking)

Big ideas in intimate spaces

In a world dominated by other people’s opinions, Salon gives you the knowledge to form your own.

Three expert speakers deliver TED-style talks designed to challenge perceptions and change your life for the better. Showcasing the most stimulating ideas in arts, science, and history, each scintillating speaker has the challenge of engaging their audience within a 25-minute set, interspersed with intervals where you can chat, get a signed book from the speaker, or grab a drink at the bar.

Voted number six in the ‘Top 100 Things to do in the World’ by GQ magazine, Salon is a night out that will enlighten, entertain, excite your curiosity and change your life for the better.

Game Changers 

In April, we’re challenging conventional perceptions of success by looking at the worlds of business, sport and games through three unique lenses.

“If you want to look at business success today, don’t look at the Titans of inherited wealth, look to the musicians and entrepreneurs who came from the streets and created a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

Banker turned writer, media executive and satirist Nels Abbey joins Berwins Salon North this April to give some extracurricular insight into business and economics through the triumphs and tribulations of Hip Hop’s biggest names.

What does the founding of the Sugarhill Gang teach us about business development? What can we learn about management and leadership from Jay-Z’s decades-long dominance? What does Ice Cube’s refusal to accept $75,000 to remain a member of NWA tell us about risk management?

With a fresh perspective and biting wit, Nels answers this and more as he takes us back to school with a class of a different kind.

“The world of business hasn’t taken Hip Hop moguls or their methods anywhere near seriously enough – until now.”

“Running, but more specifically ultrarunning, is both the most brutal and the most beautiful way to test the stuff therapists talk about… Ultrarunning was the awakening, the reckoning and the realising”

Named by The Guardian as “one of the most inspiring female adventurers in the UK”, ultrarunner, adventurer and endurance running and mindset coach Allie Bailey has finished over 200 marathons and ultramarathons and run in some of the most extreme places in the world. The most remarkable thing about all of her achievements, however, is that she accomplished most of them while battling depression and alcoholism.

Speaking with disarming honesty, Allie brings heartbreak, dark humour and hope to Berwins Salon North as she debunks myths around running and mental health and opens up about her own mental marathon.

“Running won’t save you, but it might buy you the time to save yourself. And dogs. Dogs can save you too.”

“[Games] are a living archaeology capturing the passions and pursuits of the people of the past. Tell me the game you play, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Marcus du Sautoy, author, award-winning mathematician and hailed by the Independent on Sunday as “one of the UK’s leading scientists” joins Berwins Salon North as our final April speaker to explore the inseparable link between games and mathematics.

Where should you move first in Connect 4? What is the best property in Monopoly? And how can pi help you win rock paper scissors?

Marcus not only explores how an understanding of maths can optimise our gameplay, but also investigates how games, and the maths behind them, can reveal more about human nature and the world around us.

“A mathematician is an ideal tour guide to the games humans play: because having a few mathematical tricks up your sleeve can often give the player an edge.”

‘Berwins Salon North is unique, I’ve never lived anywhere that had anything like it. It’s great!’

‘Geek chic’

‘I came away feeling just a little bit smarter – and who doesn’t love that?’

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