Musicians in Residence: Taproom Session

  • Thursday 6 July | 9.00pm
  • Lilypad | Harrogate
  • Free event, no ticket required.

    Please note capacity may be limited

Beethoven, Verdi and Wagner all loved their reds, Schubert enjoyed Rosé, Stravinsky was partial to Scotch, Rossini favoured Madeira, and Verdi relished Champagne. Whatever your drink of choice, join us for a relaxed evening at Lilypad, featuring live music and a chance to get to know our musicians in residence.
Lilypad, 134 King’s Rd, Harrogate HG1 5HY.

This is a free event and no ticket is required.

Lilypad operates on a walk in basis for drinks tables. For large groups please contact them on 01423 527505

Robin Green Piano
Sini Simonen Violin
Michael Gurevich Violin/Viola
Maia Broido Violin
Vlad Maistorovici Violin
Tetsuumi Nagata Viola
Ben Tarlton Cello
Christian Elliott Cello
Nikita Naumov Double Bass
Julian Rowlands Bandoneon
Robert Plane Clarinet
Ian Watts Guitar

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