Cie Carabosse

Harrogate Valley Gardens | home of celebration

A magical feast for the senses that will transformed the centre of Harrogate.

A magical feast for the senses that transformed the centre of Harrogate in June 2016.

Harrogate a destination famed for water and its spa history was transformed by the element of fire as part of a spectacular display created by internationally renowned French company Carabosse.

The centrepiece of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Harrogate International Festivals and co-commissioned by the Yorkshire Festival, the Fire Garden was a magical and sensory experience, set within Harrogate’s Valley Gardens.

The beautiful park and gardens played host to a fiery spectacle of sculptures and installations on a grand scale and visitors were invited to explore this unique space, enjoying this gloriously atmospheric feast for the senses from these Gallic alchemists.

Using flaming flower-pots and cool cast-iron contraptions, Carabosse, with music resonating throughout the night, transformed familiar spaces into otherworldly fire-gardens inviting audiences to roam through blazing landscapes, pass by hand-made metallic inventions and be warmed by red-hot charcoal as these musicians, dreamers, metal-workers, storytellers and old soul fire-brands create a fairground of fire where deepest imaginings could be set free.