As Patron of Harrogate International Festivals, I am delighted to learn of the future 50 Campaign which will help to continue the fine tradition that this outstanding Arts organization has established since its foundation in 1966, delivering that most treasured of gift – the very best of music, literature and creativity.

Th Arts can transcend all barriers, offering a route to the core of our humanity. There is no doubt that they have the power to improve, even transform, our lives.

That is why I am so pleased to be able to support such an innovative charity organization as it launches the Future 50 Campaign, which will help safeguard the Festival’s heritage and reputation for excellence, as well as playing a crucial role in nurturing new talent and providing opportunities for all, making life that little bit more worthwhile.

Harrogate can be rightly proud of the Harrogate International Festivals and as we celebrate this first half-century, I can only wish the organization every possible success.