Vintage Hollywood at the Royal Hall

The Alex Mendham Orchestra is the entire package – impeccable, glamorous, and sophisticated. The energetic, youthful slick 20-piece jazz orchestra star at the Royal Hall on Friday July 28, bringing the magic of vintage Hollywood to Harrogate.

For those who are unacquainted, can you describe your style of music?

Much of what we perform comes from the lavish scores written for the musicals for the silver screen and stage from the 1920s and 30s. Aside from the lavish scores there is also a very upbeat element to the music and I think our shows really challenge preconceived ideas of music of that era.

Being the Savoy’s resident orchestra has such a sense of romance– are you a romantic at heart?

I am very much tuned in to the romantic element of the music and love the passionate ballads and rich scores written in the 1930s. It offered escapism and was uplifting, people wanted to see opulence and things on a grand scale-the musicals and radio gave it to them.

How would you persuade younger audiences to come along?

Come and enter another world and hear new things, this is the closest live experience to being in a silver screen film. You won’t need any persuasion to come again after seeing and hearing the orchestra. Many of the players in the orchestra are in their 20s and 30s and began to love the music once they had heard it. If you want to dress up-go for it but if you just want to see an exciting evening of music, come along and I know we’ll see you again.

What do you hope audiences will leave with after your performance? 

A new appreciation for this amazing music from the 1920s and 30s and that they will feel uplifted and eager to hear more, this isn’t simply a polite evening of ‘classics’ this is an exciting stage show of some of the hottest tunes, lavish romantic numbers and presented as it would have been almost 90 years ago.


Alex Mendham & His Orchestra, Friday 28th July, Royal Hall 8pm    

For more information or to book tickets please click here or call 01423 562303