Berwins Salon North | Resonant Voices

  • Thursday 11 July 2024 | 7.30pm
  • The Crown Hotel | Harrogate
  • Tickets: £18 (Please note that a £2.50 booking fee applies at time of booking)

Big ideas in intimate spaces

In a world dominated by other people’s opinions, Salon gives you the knowledge to form your own.

Three expert speakers deliver TED-style talks designed to challenge perceptions and change your life for the better. Showcasing the most stimulating ideas in arts, science, and history, each scintillating speaker has the challenge of engaging their audience within a 25-minute set, interspersed with intervals where you can chat, get a signed book from the speaker, or grab a drink at the bar.

Voted number six in the ‘Top 100 Things to do in the World’ by GQ magazine, Salon is a night out that will enlighten, entertain, excite your curiosity and change your life for the better.

Resonant Voices

Reflect on the transformative power of exploration and connection with Ash Bhardwaj, Farzana Ali, and David Robson as they unravel the motivations behind travel, the restorative benefits of sound, and the science of social bonds.

Given how much of our time is spent travelling, saving up to travel, or thinking about travel, it seems strange that we rarely reflect on our motivations for travel – whether for epic adventures or ‘staycations’ closer to home.’

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author Ash Bhardwaj weaves together memoir, travelogue and big ideas to explore why we travel, how we can do it better – and whether it can help us live more fulfilling lives.

Identifying 12 specific motivations for travel, Ash is on hand to help us to understand these motivations and how they impact our everyday lives. They are not just reasons to travel – they are reasons to live.

‘Sound provides the perfect backdrop to help welcome an alternate, replenished way of being.’

We already use sound as a form of self-care, from self-soothing with music to immersing ourselves with the noises of nature to promote calm. Cutting through the noise, Farzana Ali, also known as The Sound Therapist, joins Berwins Salon North to dig deep into the science of sound to explain its full therapeutic and restful potential.

Farzana is a sound practitioner and leverages a 17-year career as a former lifestyle and wellness journalist, during which she tried out and tested all types of meditation and mindfulness activities and interviewed leading experts across the wellbeing field.

When we form meaningful bonds with others, our wounds heal faster, we shake off infections more quickly and our blood pressure drops. Greater connection can fuel creativity, increase our financial stability and enhance our work productivity. But making friends can also be daunting.’

Award-winning science writer and behavioural specialist David Robson joins Berwins Salon North to show us how social connections are far more important than we thought, highlighting the steps we can take to build better relationships and improve our lives.

‘Whether we are shy or confident, introvert or extrovert, we can all build deeper relationships.’

‘Berwins Salon North is unique, I’ve never lived anywhere that had anything like it. It’s great!’

‘Geek chic’

‘I came away feeling just a little bit smarter – and who doesn’t love that?’

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