Your Tree Dedications

Slingsby Walk | The Stray | Harrogate

Harrogate International Festivals 50th Anniversaty trees are situated along Slingsby Walk on the picturesque Harrogate Stray.  Each tree is indicated on the map by a number with the dedication shown in the key below. Please see this key to read each dedication.

These trees are a beautiful addition to The Stray with a mixture of species and we do hope that you enjoy their presence for many years to come.

Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 2 Tree 4 Tree 5 Tree 6 Tree 7 Tree 8 Tree 9

1. Bridge Bunch
2. In honour of Graham and Kath Cockroft
3. Happy birthday Brian. Lots of love Gill, Sophie, Sandy, Tabitha, Andy, Amy and Tom xxxxxxx
4. Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate and Lady Kirkhope
5. Pat Stockdale (In memory of Eric and Trix Stockdale)
6. In memory of John Oldham
7. In memory of Margaret and Derek Moody
8. Matilda Gornall my first grandchild born 16/7/16
9. In memory of H Mawson Movley 1915-1989
10. Towse Family Tree
11. Prest Family Tree
12. To our much beloved and much missed Harry
13. In memory of Margaret Cole
14. Ewart and Joan North
15. In memory of Harold and Ursula Rhodes
16. Canavar Family Tree
17. Happy Birthday Charles, On Route 66 – 1st April 2017
18. In memory of Christine Wardley

19. Sheila and Tom McGuffog 1968- 2018
20. In ever-loving memory of John Dalkiran
21. In memory of Mr Keith Bennett
22. Gladman Family Tree
23. In memory of Sandra Weight
24. In memory of Sybil and Thomas Anderson. Splendid parents, much missed.
25. The Greenhalf Family Tree
26. The Holohan Tree
27. In memory of Mike Sharman
28. RAF Menwith Hill Scouts
29. Happy Birthday Nick x
30. From Isobel and Frazer in memory of Grandpa Martin
31.  Zero Carbon Harrogate
32. The Woods Family Tree
33. Pa Brewster’s Tree
34. In memory of Olivia Martha Killeen
35. In memory of Sheila Topaz

36. On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Charles Topaz
37. Lulu’s Tree
38. Stephen’s Tree
39. Nana’s family tree
40. One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.
41.  In loving memory of Pat and John Ramsey
42. Reserved
43. In memory of Fenella Lockhart-Mure
44. Thomas Ronald Wood and Kathleen Mary Wood. They loved Harrogate and the Stray.
45. Dunsby’s Tree
46. In memory of Peggy Audrey Parkin
47. Eleanor’s Tree
48. The Bowen Dunn family tree, in memory of our loved ones
49. Robin McEwan – A Shining Light
50. In memory of Derek and Olive Kaiser

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